Female Firearms Instructors

Are you a woman interested in shooting?  Would you love to learn new skills or improve your existing ability with a Female Firearms Instructor ("FFI")? Then, check out our ever-growing list of amazing ladies who would love to help you.

Female Firearms Instructor



  • Kimberly Stevens, Ft. Collins, NRA basic pistol, range safety officer and refuse to be a victimhotbrass@outlook.com


  • Branka Underwood, Bravo Shooting & Defense, Ft. Lauderdale, NRA Basic Pistol, Home Defense, Personal Protection, CRSO, concealed-carry, 954.541.7593
  • Aurora Massaruto, Miami, NRA Basic Pistol, Home Defense (plus more), 305.323.6997


  • Marchelle Tigner, Atlanta (also travels), NRA Basic Pistol, marchelle@triggerhappypanda.com


  • Tatyana Gray, Sun Valley, NRA Basic Pistol, shootessa@gmail.com


North Carolina

  • Susan Conver, Durham, NRA Basic Pistol and Concealed Carry, sjconver@s2fcllc.com

South Carolina

  • Tarra Stoddard, NRA & SC Sled CWP, stoddardtarra@gmail.com